About the Company

In May 2008, the office of OOO Alfa Wassermann in Russia was opened, the founder of which is the parent Alfa Wassermann company in Italy. There are several Rx products on the Russian market: Neoton, Vessel Due F, Alfa Normix and Fluxum. The company's office is located in Moscow. Company has medical representatives in all major cities of Russia.

In our aging society, ALFA WASSERMANN has accepted what seems a paradoxical challenge: finding ways of curing a population that has increasingly aged thanks to scientific progress. Our mission: “The hand that lengthens life is the same hand that must therefore take care of it”.

A successful corporate strategy

Alfa Wassermann’s strategy is based on three guidelines, which, over the years, have assured the group constant and balanced growth.

Research, for opening up new roads towards health

Alfa Wassermann dedicates a large amount of its resources to the development of new drugs, focusing on specific fields of treatment. This is a vital investment in a sector like the pharmaceutical one, which requires constant innovation.

Technology, for assuring safety

Alfa Wassermann constantly develops new technologies in order to obtain high quality standards and elevated levels of efficiency in its production processes. This is because health does not make allowances for uncertainty.

Internationalization, for working with a global vision

For many years, Alfa Wassermann has chosen to open up to the world, thus anticipating a trend which later took hold in all production sectors. Internationalization brought new assets to the Group, not only in terms of markets but also of ideas, different mentalities, and a new way of working in the pharmaceutical world.

Human resources, an essential contribution

A description of Alfa Wassermann must include figures, revenues and patents. But people always come first. Since it was founded, human capital has been the main driver of the company’s growth, the energy which moves the entire structure. The ideas, intuitions and tenacity of many individuals and their shared objectives made the Group what it is today. Alfa Wassermann owes its leading position in the pharmaceutical sector to the skill of its collaborators who enjoy top-level professional profiles. 90% of Group employees are diploma-holders or graduates. Great attention is paid to the training and updating of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives for whom specific scientific information and professional training courses are held every year

Commitment to research

The pharmaceutical sector evolves rapidly. Alfa Wassermann regularly invests in research and innovation in order to constantly keep up with the market. Better still, in order to keep ahead of it. Since it was founded, the company has developed innovative drugs which have proved to be fundamental to the success of the Group. The Alfa Wassermann laboratories developed, among others, Sulodexide (Vessel®), a heparinoid for thromboembolic diseases, and Parnaparin (Fluxum®), a low molecular weight heparin for the treatment and prophylaxis of deep-vein thrombosis. But the most important success came with Rifaximin-∝, a topical antibiotic for gastroenteric tract pathologies. The market leader in Italy and marketed in many other countries, Rifaximin is also sold in the United States where it obtained Food and Drug Administration approval, a prestigious recognition for a drug developed by Italian research. The historical headquarters of Alfa Wassermann research is Bologna, where the Group’s management center is also located. Production takes place at Alanno (PE), in one of the most technologically-advanced facilities in Europe. The International Division is based in Milan.